Viet Tran – Victoria, BC, Canada

Viet Tran is one of the three founders of the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society. He is a poet and an internationally renowned paper collage artist.

Canadian Artist Viet Tran celebrates both chaos and order through his painterly paper collages. Tran used collage as an art therapy during his two years in Galang Refugee Camp in Indonesia. Tran has resettled in Victoria BC Canada since June 1, 1987. EXHIBITIONS: * 1988/1989 X-Changes Gallery, Victoria, BC *1990 BC Royal Museum * 1991 University of Victoria. * 1990-2000: Annual Immigrant Art Shows * 2008 Victoria Public Library * 2008: CAC Gallery..

Artist’s Statement

As art viewers normally get lost in abstract paintings in general, figures/objects in Tran’s collages were intended to serve as a focus point to lead viewers to a broad and uncluttered perspective of the chaotic and abstract background of these collages. Tran has tried to generate viewers’ curiosity and  help his viewers  enjoy their own experience in the creative process.