Forget Faked News! Let’s Talk about Hot Girls.

Forget Faked News! Let’s Talk about Hot Girls.

It’s a hot day;
The glazing sun drops its burning rays
on a heated beach,
in Florida.

Bright light reflection from aqua blue water afar
travels to the seashore;
blinds those thirsty eyes
dark sunglasses.

“Fool-around” guys of many colors;
black, white, yellow, or so …
but mostly Cubans,
stroll about,
while moving their topless chests and butts
to the noisily rhythmic beats of Latin music.
Their “rolling-stone” eyeballs firmly rest on these fine breasts
(as luscious as carved turkey breasts nice displayed on plates
to be served
at Thanksgivings dinners).

Irritably girls are sunbathing virtually naked,
attractively sexy,
in tiny pieces of bikinis.
They look as yummy as fresh squids
in direct sunlight,
ready to be dipped into hot sauce.
It tastes spicier than fried calamari in any Greek restaurant.

Oh my..!
God’s forbidden fruits
who of men would resist to commit this irresistible sin?

Whether they’re real for fake
under fine skin and in genuine flesh
or just purely plastic surgery
either way,
nothing men could lose.

Go head
Relaxed and feel good for yourselves
Let’s forget for quite awhile
about your seriously permanent headache
the touchy slogan:
“Make American Great Again”, won’t you?

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet