The Far Left vs. the Far Right.

The Far Left vs. the Far Right.

Communists always blindly stay on the worn path
of Marxism
and Leninism;
for the so-called class struggle.
They’ve misleadingly claimed of aiming at a heaven-on-earth
in this bona fide life
for blue collar workers.

Instead, they’ve created a horrible hell-on-earth
Hundred millions of people died
and massacres
committed by these monsters
Joseph Stalin of Russia’s
Mao Tse-tung of China’s
Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam’s
Pon Pot of Cambodia’s
and currently in North Korea under Kim Jongun.

On the other hand, Christians worship God,
in the hope of having their souls sent to a heaven
their deaths.
somewhere in the unknown.

Particularly, in the United States of America,
the heart of capitalism,
those born-again Christians are the main force
the current rise
of white supremacy.

Those “bigoted” white nationalists of the alt-right
are noisily spreading hatred
other races
and religions.
The hardcore vanguards have tried their best effort
to bring back the good “old days”
in the distant past
for benefits of white supremacy.

Both the alt-left and the alt-right are at two opposite ends
the political
and social spectrum.
Like fire and water or dogs and cats,
They’re fighting tooth and nail to protect their strong beliefs.

Unfortunately, the majority of innocent people
always get caught in between.
no way to escape;
safe place to hide.

Let’s wait and see whether those “bigoted” white nationalists
could bring their highly divided nation
out of this serious mess
their noble goal:
to “Make America Great Again”.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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