On the Labor Day

On the Labor Day
in hot air,
strong smell of burning meat and loud music
that make me feel the festive mood of the noisy crowd
from the barbecue party next door.
‘tis a special day off for working people
for me
as a retiree;
however, I take this opportunity as an excuse for a break
from my mission impossible of restoring cluttered home and weedy garden.
High up
in the cloudless sky,
the sun is shooting its hot rays onto the ground.
I rest my back on a lawn chair inside the cool shade of a curling willow tree.
I take a beer
and let every sip slowly absorbed through my dried throat.
I’m harvesting the fruit
from the tree planted a long time ago.
Thanks to brothers and sisters of the past
those who sweated and shed their blood
to fight and advocate for the working people
have eight hours for work,
enjoy eight hours for recreation,
and take eight hours for rest.
On this special day off,
cheer to you
all working people
and all retirees who work at home without pay.
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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