On His “Walk With Me” Path

On His “Walk With Me” Path
You’re at the top of a high mountain
or on the way to its summit
you must be rich and famous
tons of money
and glamorous glory.
To achieve this, you have gone go through enormous stress.
Mentally, you’re falling down back onto the ground zero;
Worse, you would sink further to the bottom
of the sea
Wanna get out of your own mental mess?
Let’s make a serious trade with him;
Exchange your full pocket
his emptiness
He’ll show you
to get back your peace of mind.
After you walk with him
miles and miles ahead
on your own path of thoughts
‘til you become too exhausted to think of anything else
but a full stop
an quick snore
or an eternal sleep.”
It sounds as if it were a clever trick of a gifted scam artist.
however, his “Walk with Me” approach has worked well for many people
It has turned him from an unknown Vietnamese monk
a Zen master
renowned around the world.
Now he has got the money and fame
from those who have relied
his tricky help
to ease their stress
A lot of people have started wondering
whether he is a genuine Zen master
just another
crappy scam artist
rising from the insane mess of the modern world.
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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