Humans and Climate Change.

Humans and Climate Change.
Mother Earth has cried aloud:
“Enough is enough;
Stop abusing me!
I can’t take it
Mankind has ruthlessly gone after big profits
at devastating costs on nature.
he kept messing up the earth
safe refuges
for himself and for all other living beings.
Nature has no choice but take its course.
it strikes back as hard as it could
with more disasters
of greater
Hurricane Harvey has just gone away,
after he had dumped the record-breaking rainfall
in Houston,
He left behind
devastating destruction
which takes years for the affected people
to bring their lives back to their regular rhythm again.
Hurricane Irma
roaring in Florida.
after she sliced through the Caribbean, Cuba,
and destroyed nearly everything on her path.
Hurricane Joe…
and more Hurricanes are on the way.
Neither any man and nor any country could stand against the full force of nature
how rich and smart he believes he would be
and how great and powerful his nation is.
Let’s hope that any arrogant man
in denial
Climate Change
would get these powerful messages
and start changing his way in dealing with Nature.
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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