Human’s Living Time 

Human’s Living Time 

man immerses himself in make-believe,
he is always busy
spending most of his time to go after big profit.

his overbooked schedule is so full
no time left
a quick break
let alone any time
to spend billions of dollars that he has already made.

money in a bank
like sand
a desert
if unused or untouched
it would be actually useless.

man wastes most his time to make money
when he becomes too old
to have any time
for his living.
it’s too late for him to be aware of the cold fact
impossible to trade money back for time
even millions of dollars
for just only
one more

spending time to make a living sounds very odd;
wouldn’t man better spend his time to make a better life?

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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