Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

I know for sure,
I was young 
but old enough to fool around
fell in love
and tumbled out of love
with various girls at different time.

I might have done many crazily sexual encounters with them
kissing their lips,
fondling their breasts,
rubbing their sexy butts,
and last but not least, having sex with them
in bed,
in a bush,
or on the backseat of a vehicle, and so on…

it has been too long for me to recall in details
and with whom
I have done for a very long time ago.

I feel how lucky
as a nameless man.
I have no need to dig into my past
far back
thirty years or forty years ago,
unlike those celebrities who have to defend themselves,
being accused
of sexual harassment.

nowadays, even if a female is mature, in full consent, and in total control.
ain’t it sound legally safer to ask for
either a written permission
or a waiver
to having
any sexual encounter with her?

Dec, 06, 2017
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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