For Peace of Mind 

For Peace of Mind 

I know
silence is great for meditation;
it would keep my mind in peace.
however, I have to pay a costly price

I must close my eyes
so tight
’til I can see nothing
front of me
in broad daylight .
especially, falling tears
from the unbearable sufferings of my fellow humans.

also, I should close my ears
so, I no longer hear the crying sound
of any dying being

the reality is too painful to take
yet, its alternative is more troublesome to bear
one has to pretend
everything is alright
everyone is fine
the world in which
he lives
momentarily serene.
while it is actually fallen apart.

I’d rather scream, whine, cry…
to let my heart go wild and my mind go insane
instead of fooling myself
peace of mind.

HOW about YOU?

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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