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Who Is Next?

it ain’t fake news either from the mainstream media
or from those insane liberals,
cruel communists,
of whom
Donald Trump has ruthlessly accused
but it’s the real deal,
coming from leaky plumbing,
his “kitchen” cabinet.
his good friends and various loyal men
under his full command,
by one,
have turned themselves into his foes.
the rotten inner circle has constantly revealed
his painful
which always makes
him furiously mad and badly sick.
believe it or not.
most trusty
talented chief strategist,
Steve Bannon has just loaded his loose canon
and threw a bombshell at his fort.
regardless, it’s right or wrong.
ain’t it sadly ironic?
Trump’s most loyal ally and closest collaborator
would heartlessly do it to ‘im.
what the heck do you call this?
it mainly depends
how you feel
if you are in distress
you call it a back stabbing act
and may ask Bannon to get lost.
in case, you have an opposite thought,
you would feel cheerfully relaxed.
Bannon later regretted and offered his honest apology
by the way, it is no longer a good point.
the damage has been done.
to pull it back.
moreover, how you react
it doesn’t help much .
ain’t it better
to minimize the aftermath impact
and put it in under control as soon as possible?
be on alert !!!!
‘kuz, you never know
who would be next
Jan. 12, 2018
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I am sorry to hear that Aussies have had the same issue. Be patient, Tyree. What is up, sooner or later, it must comes down. Hate is bitter and love is sweet. But human beings have always tried different tastes that enrich their “real-life” experience.

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