On Trump’s Worshipers

On Trump’s Worshipers
It is likely Ultra-conservatives in USA could only see a one-way street
road to the extreme right in politics.
They truly believe at all times:
They are always right.
They are all smart.
They’re bright.
They’re perfect.
This is why they become Trump’s most loyal supporters.
Donald is their Holy God
who helps “Make America Great Again!”
He could never be wrong
whatever He says
to dispute it.
whatever He does everyone must take it.
They point their sticky middle fingers at the rest of the world
and shout aloud:
“why da hell doncha follow our logics in US politics?
you must worship Donald Trump
otherwise, you’re dumb;
you must be crushed
into pieces
of crumbs.”
They’ve strongly assumed that
who don’t wanna sleep in the same bed with Trump
are blind
and totally insane
those must be “welfare” suckers and traitors to America.
Unfortunately, Trump’s worshipers are somehow so narrow
in their thoughts
They cannot accept the cold facts
firstly, in deceptive politics
everything is extremely relative
nothing is absolutely right or wrong.
secondly, in painful reality,
during the first year in the Oval Office
Trump has hit some noticeable speed bumps.
However, those smart, bright, always-right Trump’s backers
have continuously played their dirty blame game
those people around the world
and particularly American citizens
who aren’t always in full support of Trump
it makes me wonder
which one
stupid, and insane
and have their smart heads  buried for too long
really deep
a shit-hole?
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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