I Don’t Care, Do you?

I Don’t Care, Do you?

Millions of children around the world
no fresh water,
not enough food,
no medication,
no shelters,
lack of basic living necessities,
They‘re starving
They’re dying.

But, they ain’t my son nor my beloved husband
I really don’t care, do you?

What has happened right here in America
is fully under my husband’s jurisdiction – his own business.
only a very small number about couple of thousand kids
separated from their parents.
no big deal;
at all !!!
why are you crying wolves?

those aliens who committed“ Breakin’ and Enterin’”
under USA’s Criminal Code, must pay a price
“zero tolerance”.
adults must be jailed
children must be taken away from their moms and dads.

“America First”
our national security is utmost
for my beloved son to be safe and sound
and for my husband to become the greatest president
of the United States
of all times

I do care how to “Make America Great Again”, do you?

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet
06- 21-2018