About Life and Death 

About Life and Death

If life were not worth to live,
why would mortal man
to choose
an instant checkout
with or without a suicide note.
instead of patiently standing in the line
not waiting for his turn
but praying
delay forever.

life might worth to live,
t’is the sole reason why
many people have continuously dragged a dim life
they would hope someday
they’ll find a bright light
the very end
of the dark tunnels.

It could be that life ain’t worth to live
but man were so scared of facing his own death
and its unknown aftermath
ti’s why he’s still alive
so far

anyway, “to live or to die”
about the choice
but about the inner insecurity
that forces immortal man to follow his own fate.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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