By Viet Tran, Special to Times Colonist
Published: September 15, 2010

Viet Tran is one of the three founders of the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society, a poet and an internationally renowned paper collage artist.


Robert Amos, Special to Times Colonist
Published: Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tran is a purist. There is no drawing or painting on any of the pieces: "strictly, only collage," ...........


Comments from the Guest's Book

“Sensitive, obsessive, dynamic - the cosmic moods of nature and creation are expressed in your impressions of the female form. You've truly created bodies filled with a sense and sensation that transcends time and place, making the definite infinite”.
Paul Scrivener, Film Maker/Artist/Curator/ED- CAC Gallery.

"Great! vibrant & expressive".
Sully Challenger

"Beautiful concept, wonderful colors".
Glenn Dunks, New York

“Extremely imaginative…Wonderful”.
Brian Pinto .

"Wondeful colours and shapes and concepts - anbd talent - very special".
Artist Sheila Walker

"The power of art to heal. I see your works very humanitarian and philosophical ".
Artist Kaye Collins

"Wondeful colours - vibrant art".

“These are wonderful! I am very impressed with the detail of all those small ripped pieces of magazine papers. Fascinating & Awesome”.
Pat Johnston

“Quite the stroke!”
Jane of Art

“Unique, subtle shading and lights, fascinating”.
Dorothy Curtiss

"The variety in colour, texture, and depth is amazing. Your creativity is truly unique".
Artist Lana Gray

“Lovely the way the details come into focus as I stood and enjoyed each piece”.
Blanche Black

“What can I say?...? This is so amazing; To bring the complete abstraction to create a concrete image. And then, here and there, Viet Tran uses some specific images from the magazines to accentuate the location of the nude. Fantastic. Brilliant!”.
Daniel Lafeur

Abstractions which “snap” into figurative paintings as you back away…a “two-for-one” depending upon your distance from the work. It is amazing how the medium doesn’t have to dictate the nature of art. Collage is a mixture of “found art” or at least “found color” to create mosaic".
Photographer/Artist Art Ethel -New York

“Beautiful work - It resonates within the chambers of my heart. Some of it seem very sorrowful – a celebration of sorrow”.
Unsigned viewer

“Even the humor show through”
Another signed viewer (name illegible)

"Beautiful & Shocking".
Sukhmeet Grewal.

Viewers’ Favorite Pieces from the Guest Book

“I like your “Ying-Yang” for its reflection and reversal of red/blue in that mirror. Element Earth (Tho) gives a sense of motion toward a point in mid-collage,”.
Peter R. Wheeler

“They are all very beautiful. Red Heart is my favorite”.
Kristina Meszaros.

“The blue and clay coloured nudes are my favorites, but what I enjoy most is the awe I feel when looking at your works”.
Film Maker/Artist Paul Scrivener.

"The ladies are beautiful. I love Reflection".
Artist Linh Truong.

The nude in Blue Rose & Polluted City is just stunning. She just evaporates into the sky.”
Sarah-Joy Kallos.

"The bodies I find very expressive, saucy, confident, timid. Wow. My favorites are the Reflection and the Green Nude (TimberWest Forest Goddess )”.
Lynn Brochu.

"I like your Elements Tho (Earth) & Fire (Hoa). They make me think of “Mother Earth” and “Volcanic forces”.
Artist Anna Mah.

“A very rich and profound experience - solid and fragmented, emerging and receding. Earth is my favorite, shows the ‘oneness of all’”.
Artist Arlene Nesbitt.

"Inspirational visions! I really enjoyed the textures and details and of course the colours. Earth especially".
Wilma Honey.

“Awesome nudes. My favorites: Reflection, Roses & Blue Nude, Nude in the Afternoon Garden. They are all wonderful".
a unsigned viewer.

“Fantastic – Reflection’s great".
Unsigned viewer.