An art viewer may take a close look at Tran’s collages to detect movements, a chaotic world of colors, and shapes from messy layers of pieces of ripped magazines rebelliously fighting against each other. However, as the art viewer slowly steps backward about 10 feet away to have a “macro-look”, the collages gradually reveal its order, light, depth, energy, uniqueness, and beauty. The art viewer can change perspective and feeling through the artistic transformation of these collages by repeating the “zoom-in-and-out” process for a couple of times. Art viewers can find stillness and calmness within themselves through this process.

Important Notice: © Copyright by Viet Quoc Tran - All Rights Reserved. [All art works of Collage Artist Viet Tran are protected by Canadian and International Copyright laws.]

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"Your works are good in color and design, but more than that, they are deeply expressive of your life's experience. I'm so happy to see how much brighter in color your recent works are than your earlier ones, which speak of the difficulties of that part of your life in a very moving way. Both are consistent in style, a quality which is difficult for many artists." Nita Leland (