The Man Who Drank Watercolor  (Please leave your comment. Thanks)

The Man Who Drank Watercolor
(Out of the Safe Asylum of Art)

fine art,
there are more artists
in the spring time,
and more than stars
in van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night.

“modern” artists are like robotic clones
that automatically do same shit all the time,

as a result,
art is in mass production
for sale
cheap prints
either online
or at Walmart
one purpose
of meeting the need of people’s
who wanna decorate their blank walls.

whenever a creative person thinks out of the box,
must be
considered insane.
not only would he challenge the social norms
but also would he refuse to follow the game ruled by elites in the field.

let’s look at the man,
didn’t paint
but drank watercolor.
you would say he is utterly insane
I myself believe
he is
a genius,
the best conceptual artist
who dared paint an abstract in his stomach.

please tell me
you think
which one is really insane?
-those artists
who hide themselves in the safe asylum of art
and do dame shit
on daily
-or the one
who creates something which has ever been done so far?

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Standoff in front of the America’s Closed Shop (Please leave your comment. Thanks)

Standoff in front of the America’s Closed Shop

I elbowed through the excitingly rowdy crowd;
’til I reached his store.
I saw a big sign on the front-door glass:
Out to Lunch”.
I wonder when he would come back
his starving employees are still locked inside
they’re likely in desperate hope
dropping by the bank on the way back after lunch,
bringing back a huge stack of money,
and paying their salaries
for this month.

what’s a mess
only one year after the great re-opening,
this famous store was temporarily closed
by the amateurish manager
who has been
turning it upside down.

his explosively aggressive nature has pissed many people off:
his own staff – one after another
has jumped
his leaky ship
into cold water
and drifted all over on high sea.
his patrons around the world have been so fed up
with his abusive language
and also his extreme
he has proudly proclaimed as the Art of the Deal.

it was clearly that he believed it must be fake,
when one of his deckhand has officially declared
the famous store was built by their smart forefathers.
sadly, it has been governed
by a whole bunch
of insane

as usual, he is furiously pointing
his middle finger
except himself
his damned old
game of blame.

for better or worse
those sightless worshipers of his
who must share the same blame
blindly following him
on his dangerous path.
these type of unconditional supports
would certainly drive him
further down
the shit-hole
of the so-called America First
also for the illusion of how to “Make America Great Again”.

Jan. 21-2018
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Human’s Sexual Instinct (Please post your comment. Thanks for your time)

Human’s Sexual Instinct

under bright sunshine
at a busy intersection
in downtown
two strangers wanted to across the street
both were patiently waiting
red light
turning to green

she stood right in front of him
he could smell an indescribable odor from her body
a strange mixture
flower fragrance
and a unique scent of human skin

wind blew and threw her long hair
hot air
and onto his face
his nose became irritated
the funny feeling was about to make him sneeze
he tried to hold back for the sake of courtesy.

somehow she also sensed the same funny feeling at her long neck
that forced her to turn her face back
she saw a male stranger
standing right beside her
at her back.

by his odd look,
she was about to question him
who the hell did he dare stare at her like that
but she held her words in time
said nothing and gave him
a nice smile

a conversation about the weather on that specific day somewhat was started
it was how the two strangers got caught and knotted together,
on the same cobweb
of love and marriage
the rest
of their lives.

some think it’s karma
others believe it’s god’s will
I call it’s stupidity
human’s sexual instinct

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

weekend laugh

How to Paint Fur on a Lion? 

you must be a very serious artist
the trade
of painting business;
since you’re asking
if someone would show you
the technique of how to paint fur on a lion.

you should know
those really brave artists
who had tried to paint on a lion
all must be dead after touching the beast.

if you wanna follow their risky path,
I bet you.
your days are numbered.
you’d better write a suicide note
leave a will
for your spouse and children.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

The Man with Words Of No Word and Actions of No Action (My sundry thought generated by Tao Te Ching)

The Man with Words Of No Word and Actions of No Action
(My sundry thought generated by Tao Te Ching)

who is
but a fool,
loves to raise his excellent point which proves
he is always damned right,
and all what he has been saying is genuine.
everyone else
deadly wrong
their talks are either rubbish or fake.

in reality, he absolutely
has no point
to raise
however, he don’t care about it.

he is sitting on the top of this world,
holding his increasingly big ego,
thinking everyone must listen
as he has too much to talk.

if we slightly open your mouth
trying to raise a point
which ain’t straightly
in line
his thinking.
it promptly drives him insanely mad
he acts like a child in his worst tantrum:
flooring, kicking, punching, shouting,
and crying foul
nonsense words.

if we react in silence
like an intellectual
who has many great points to convey
however he prefers to keep it for sake of not falling into argument
or we follow a Zen master’s footsteps
by closing our eyes
and going with the flow of nature.
he would mistakenly interpret as a sign of our weakness
so he continues abusing us and wrecking our lives
his insane ideas
and reckless actions.

damn ’us if we do listen to him, damn’ us if we don’t
either way we’re stuck
he leaves us
but to get rid of ’im.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Donald Trump – American Dream of Great Escape from Painful Reality to Soothing Illusion. Thanks for leaving your comment

Donald Trump – American Dream of Great Escape
from Painful Reality to Soothing Illusion


you have much pride in your great nation
you believe in your country’s democracy
the torch of freedom and liberty.
you are free
you could say whatever you’d like to
you could go wherever you’ love to

have you ever asked yourselves:
whether your belief
bona fide
or deceptive?

how come YOUR MIND is in permanent terror?
why do you always have feelings
being insecure
being taken over by refugees and immigrants
those who have kept coming to the “originally native owned” land?

why has there been increasingly arising
inside your terrified mind
an urgent need
more walls to self-imprison YOUR BODY?

ain’t it really a nightmare?
you have no gain
for easing your pain
you have no choice but bury your heads deep in desert sand
to avoid of seeing the hurtful reality
that is so distressing
that you could not take it

you have sent endless prayers for help
no response
from your God so far
as usual, HE stay in deep silence
out of your going-on headaches
it was the only reason
why you’ve turned yourselves to another savior

Donald Trump
who rhymes so um…dumps, numbs, bums, crumbs, rumps, humps, pumps;
but also he is really childish, silly, rubbish, foolish, stupid, crazy, insane, ridiculous…

oh, no.
wake up
don’t keep fooling yourselves
otherwise, your supreme leader would burn your bodies a nuclear war
also he’d sell your souls to the Satan
for fulfilling his foul dream
having “America First”
and to “Make America Great Again.”

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


Fallen Out of Love Into Marriage (I appreciate your comment. Thanks)

Fallen Out of Love Into Marriage

it’s your craziest mistake,
which takes your freedom away;
so soon as you trade
her short span of sugary love
your long plan of bitter companionship.

ain’t like sour grapes
that would be turned into fine wine,
and the longer you keep it the better the drink would be;

in matrimony,
everything would be turned upside down.
your life would become
gradually decayed
too awful

her priority.
she must be first,
her cat is second….
the list keeps going on…
if lucky, your god could be the last.
and certainly, you are out of her wanted list.

after, you’ve become her slave,
you lose everything.
your heart and your mind are no more yours.
your body is under her full control.
your soul ain’t belong to your god no more
Satan is happy to buy it, instead.

you’re stuck for the rest of your life
under her empire
your kids are hostages
too late to regret.
no point to complain.
not much you can do.

oh man
don’t pray
your god cant’ help
take your pain as is
regardless how dysfunctional your marriage would be

otherwise exit is the only alternative
sinks your hearts
breaks your nerves;
drives you insane;
and flushes you down into a toilet
you would be ended up living with shitty worms .

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

I’m a Pope in Freedom of Expression 

I’m a Pope in  Freedom of Expression

my dear friend artist Kenneth Agnello;
you’ve asked me:
i’m in fear
that my words may be censored by…?.
I could hear you loud and very clear.

I am afraid to confirm
I am currently living in
neither North Korea nor China, not Vietnam.
must be totally
the very wrong term in your question.

ah, let me ask you a breathless question:
do think that any adult would zip down his pants
takes his pistol out
and sprays freely in a public place
in a response to an urgent call of nature?
I doubt that anyone would do it,
(unless one is mentally ill.)
Not because of fear
but for social courtesy.

let’s say
I’d enter into your art studio;
sit on your chair;
light a cigar;
and start talking with you
about something that drives you insane.
don’t you think

I don’t do it
because I’m afraid of you kicking me out
but for the good reason that I don’t wanna soil our nice relationship.

you know
I am in Rome now
don’t be surprised
to see me acting like a Pope.
(ha..haa…you aren’t an Italian, eh?
otherwise, you’d know what I mean about the Holy Papa)

Jan. 15-2018
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Vagabond around Paris

Vagabond around Paris

Paris is tricky city for tourists
she has too much of everything

much light
that blinds the eyes

much dog-poo on streets
that soils the shoes

too much sex
that wrecks the back

too much love
that make you lose

too much good food
that aches the stomach

too much fine wine
that blinds your sane minds

too many artists
who drive you insane

too many poets
who break your damned hearts

don’t go there, unless you are foes of Donald Trumps
otherwise you’d get dog-bites

Thao Chuong

Unknown Fates of Dreamers

Unknown Fates of Dreamers
all of babies have been arriving by themselves
at everywhere,
on this earth,
without passports nor visas.
we assume they must be sent
either god at his will with full attention
or by accidents when their parents reach orgasm and lose birth control.
regardless of how they’ve been ended up here
no way to stop them from coming in
in this world
could deport them
back where they came from.
they automatically become legal citizens of the god’s paradise
without being asked from where they came.
a sad story faced by seven hundred thousand immigrants
those who were sent to this vast land
(originally owned by the natives)
since they were little kids
their own parents.
unfortunately, their resident status is in big question
their lives have been hung on a thin string
they are in great danger of being deported back
to their place of origin
they have no knowledge of, and zero attachment to,
they don’t speak the language.
they know nothing about the culture.
they would feel as aliens to Mars;
and last but not least, their wives and kids are here
this nation ain’t their country of birth
but the soil of grace
they were planted, fully rooted, and fully grown
could it be possible to pull them up
replant on the other land
without killing them off to their roots?
do whatever you want with your wearisome nation
America First
and Make America Great Again
but leave them alone
stop barking at the wrong tree
don’t put more problems on your full plate
it’s time to ask yourselves these damned questions:
“where am I from?”
“who send me here?”
“how do I feel of being deported back?”
silly me
how could I not know
no point to talk to you
those ultras-right wing extremists in USA’s modern politics
who are brainless for thought and heartless for love
Jan. 15, 18
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet