Between Summer and Autumn 

Between Summer and Autumn 

Autumn will come and take over
the course of nature
very soon

Summer is happily packing up
for a long vacation
next year.

Only a couple days left.
He will fly to somewhere in the Caribbean
lay his back on a beach chair,
hold in his hand a glass of “Singani”,
enjoy every sip under bright sunshine,
while he’ll gently close his eyes
listening to the sound of crashing waves

too bad
I am stuck here
to sweep messy leaves in my backyard.

I wish if I were one the four seasons
to do a three-month work
then take six months off

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

The First Day Of Autumn. 

The First Day Of Autumn. 

Wind’s rustling tree canopies;
yellow leaves eagerly let go
some fly in breezing air
dropping down
over a toddler’s head.
He looks up, then runs after a leaf,
trying to catch it.

Sun shines on morning dews
wet grass needles looks
like a sea
millions of
sparkling tiny diamonds.

An old man leisurely walks barefoot
wet ground.
he could feel each step
the softness an dampness of the green carpet
into his feet
and refreshing his entire body.

The toddler excitedly jiggles
and shouts: “I got it”,
“well done”, the old man laughs aloud.

Both enjoy their best moment
on the first day

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

From Love and Hate 

From Love and Hate 

No point to have any concern about creamy spots
on the WHITE sheet
from any mattress fight.
They’ll be easily washed off

Don’t feel embarrassed about it
as it is the trademark
of joy and happiness
from LOVE
or at least, from SEX that humans need to keep their mind sane.

What must be worried the most
man’s tainted mentality.
When the mind is fully infested
and prejudice.
this type of stain is very difficult to shake off.

HATRED drives man into endless fights against each other
When he is at war
he gets
unbearable sufferings
and endless destruction

For LOVE and compassion, don’t believe in what those men-in-power promise
but carefully watch what they have been doing.;
Lies are like sharp needles hidden in a pocket.
Sooner or later, their pins must be fully exposed
And the truth must be revealed.

to clean a tainted mind
let alone to make it great again
and bring it to its “WHITE” state as promised.

For better or worse; also for love and hate
it’s totally up to you to decide
make LOVE or be at WAR.

Listen to your own selves, not to anyone else

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Poetry O’ the Obsolete 

Poetry O’ the Obsolete 

heading toward the absolute of the outer space,
somehow he gets sucked into
a black hole
o’ his inner universe

in a long journey to the unknown,
his mind is like a pendulum
swinging back and forth
in the continuous realm
and future

he’s buried in multiple dimensions of the infinite;
the endless cycle
spring, summer, autumn, and winter
and whatsoever that time would be

somehow, all lights are off, the whole virtual cosmos is down
he gets lost in a hell of nothingness
the nightmare in absolute silence
he hears nothing
noise of man
no sound of other beings,
worse, he loses all contacts to the outer universe.
he sinks into the core of naught,

inside the darkness
of his own
it’s quite a nightmare.
he finds no imagination,
no food for thought.
that he recycles those rotten words
stomach upset forces him to throw everything inside up

a flock of crows noisily pick every piece his rubbish
they happily recite each line of his poetry of the obsolete

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Roses and Thorns

Roses and Thorns

I’m a butterfly circling around over a colorful tapestry.
The sea of beautiful flowers
like tidal waves
under my flipping wings.
I could smell splendid aroma in the breeze.

The sun’s shining on those waving petals
I land on a pretty tea rose
sweet nectar.

my red rose,
somehow you attracts me
I’m adored by your red beauty
I fall in love with you immediately,
without recognizing
hidden thorns
that hurt me a great deal.

it really stings
my dream is shattered
my heart is bleeding
my fragile wings are punctured.
I can fly no more to the blue sky.

Now I know inside every beauty,
there always is a hidden thorn,
that would strike me unexpectedly anytime .
I understand there’re both joy n’ sorrow,
pleasure n’ suffering
in every drop

I hold my wound
It’s very painful
However, neither would I regret
nor would I blame you
for my fall
with you.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Modern Artist. 

A Modern Artist.

Old Masters in the past created art
either to present the beauty
human body,
their activities
or to express their inner selves.

Modern artists have very different mentality with their own way of creativity.
is no longer
for and about the beauty.
but about provoking imagination.

Artists must be able to transform what in their minds into an ugly creation
or perform an insane stunt
would shock viewers
and push viewers’ sane mind out of the norms of life.

Nowadays, there’re different types of artists
Many may wanna create and market their works for a living,
some create for fame
some do art
for the well-being
of themselves alone.
others may create for something else (who know?).

Anyway, who care about art
but the artist, himself
and maybe those art collectors

If an artist is happy in what he’s doing
toward the goal
he wanna achieve;
then he is truly a taltented artist
the art of living.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Humans and Climate Change.

Humans and Climate Change.
Mother Earth has cried aloud:
“Enough is enough;
Stop abusing me!
I can’t take it
Mankind has ruthlessly gone after big profits
at devastating costs on nature.
he kept messing up the earth
safe refuges
for himself and for all other living beings.
Nature has no choice but take its course.
it strikes back as hard as it could
with more disasters
of greater
Hurricane Harvey has just gone away,
after he had dumped the record-breaking rainfall
in Houston,
He left behind
devastating destruction
which takes years for the affected people
to bring their lives back to their regular rhythm again.
Hurricane Irma
roaring in Florida.
after she sliced through the Caribbean, Cuba,
and destroyed nearly everything on her path.
Hurricane Joe…
and more Hurricanes are on the way.
Neither any man and nor any country could stand against the full force of nature
how rich and smart he believes he would be
and how great and powerful his nation is.
Let’s hope that any arrogant man
in denial
Climate Change
would get these powerful messages
and start changing his way in dealing with Nature.
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

True Love Has No Sex

True Love Has No Sex

She is very attractive,
Her eyes are in deep blue
as the color of a mystic sky 
one of van Gogh’s paintings.

Her gentle nature makes her
a perfect female
the best dream
every man.
He feels very relaxed in his trouble-free time with her.

Unlike his former relationship with other females,
he falls in love with her
from his heart
without any sexual desire attached.

He enjoys putting her on his lap,
running his fingers through her hair
to sense the softness on her neck
listening to her moan
of purring in orgasm…

After going through hell from different failed relationships,
he has totally lost trust in women
in general.
he can only rely on her
he has never considered her as a pet
but a trustworthy companion for the rest of his life

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Tran

On His “Walk With Me” Path

On His “Walk With Me” Path
You’re at the top of a high mountain
or on the way to its summit
you must be rich and famous
tons of money
and glamorous glory.
To achieve this, you have gone go through enormous stress.
Mentally, you’re falling down back onto the ground zero;
Worse, you would sink further to the bottom
of the sea
Wanna get out of your own mental mess?
Let’s make a serious trade with him;
Exchange your full pocket
his emptiness
He’ll show you
to get back your peace of mind.
After you walk with him
miles and miles ahead
on your own path of thoughts
‘til you become too exhausted to think of anything else
but a full stop
an quick snore
or an eternal sleep.”
It sounds as if it were a clever trick of a gifted scam artist.
however, his “Walk with Me” approach has worked well for many people
It has turned him from an unknown Vietnamese monk
a Zen master
renowned around the world.
Now he has got the money and fame
from those who have relied
his tricky help
to ease their stress
A lot of people have started wondering
whether he is a genuine Zen master
just another
crappy scam artist
rising from the insane mess of the modern world.
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Pollution: How Would We Deal With It?

Pollution: How Would We Deal With It?

It’s up to us to take whatever best for us and for our own lives.
no one would dare 

Why would they would care?
their loved ones.

go ahead
keep praying
if you truly believe in God,
who knows
He might help you cope with your own mess.
would do
whatever make you feel at ease
from the cluttered rubbish which we’ve dumped around our own home.

I myself believe
I’m the one
who has dug up my own hole
fill it up by myself
if I wanna get out of it.

It’s time for us to stop polluting:
the air we breathe,
the food we eat,
the water we drink,
the space we live in…

What the heck are we waiting for?
Let’s do it together
in our own way.
you pray;
I act.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet