The Missing French Artist Senryu

the bench is vacant
where are you wandering, man?
drowned in River Seine?

Thao Chuong

Off CyberGrid and On Nature 

Off CyberGrid and On Nature 

it rained hard
and also cold
nonetheless I could feel
the intense heat from the raging blaze.
“Fire and Fury” has just started burning down
my southern neighbor’s home-troublesome-home
it has swept through the big dome
his White How
it really pissed of her How’sWhites.

fed up
of being continuously poisoned
with these filthy rubbish.
I decided to get off the electronic grid
turning my hot laptop off
putting my China-cheaply-made raincoat on
and taking a long walk
the beach
from Esquimalt Lagoon
to Albert Head Lagoon

the ocean covered itself with a misty curtain
it was miserably soggy
not much could be seen
from the shore

wind tremblingly howled
furious sound
of tedious waves into the cold air;
watery threads splashed at my face

the trek took longer than usual
as scattered driftwood
and pebbles
became too slippery
very tricky to navigate through.

it was dark
the time
I got back to my vehicle
I was mushy like a wet blanket
still, the heat kept radiating throughout my entire body.
I felt fresh

Nature is my Caring Mother
who carefully puts my life back into perspective
she tells me how I’m supposed to live
SHE is always
whenever I am in need of her.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

For Peace of Mind 

For Peace of Mind 

I know
silence is great for meditation;
it would keep my mind in peace.
however, I have to pay a costly price

I must close my eyes
so tight
’til I can see nothing
front of me
in broad daylight .
especially, falling tears
from the unbearable sufferings of my fellow humans.

also, I should close my ears
so, I no longer hear the crying sound
of any dying being

the reality is too painful to take
yet, its alternative is more troublesome to bear
one has to pretend
everything is alright
everyone is fine
the world in which
he lives
momentarily serene.
while it is actually fallen apart.

I’d rather scream, whine, cry…
to let my heart go wild and my mind go insane
instead of fooling myself
peace of mind.

HOW about YOU?

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Who Takes Shit from Climate Change?

Who Takes Shit from Climate Change?

Climate Change is always in the hands
those guys
in neckties and suits.
they always conveniently go for utmost pro-fist.

they don’t really care what would the consequence be
so long as big bucks keep
flowing smoothly
their fat wallets
so that they maintain their luxurious lifestyle .

climate change has zero impact on their daily living
it is too hot
AC is automatically on
they can drink beer then take a nap in a cool room
it’s chillingly cold
they could enjoy fine wine
and exotic
in a warm bed
on a comfy sofa
on a heated floor
or right inside their comfy limousine.

it’s the homeless
who have to take the bullshit
they have no place to go
but to stay in the cold
also, they are the ones who have to bear the heat
when the sun’s scotching the earth.

you know
the damned good reason
why big guys are bold deniers of Climate Change.


Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet.

Show to Those Deniers Your Proof of Global Warming?

Show to Those Deniers Your Proof of Global Warming?

USA is the only country that refused to sign
the Paris Climate Change Accord.

Ah, American fellas;
take it easy,
close both eyes,
and listen to your beloved FOX NEWS.

For sure,
it’d let you know
it must be a faked news
from the dammed mainstream media.

your talented big brother
also said
to Global Warming.
and you know
he can be never deadly wrong.
why the hell does anyone else not believe in him?

to those who still dun wanna trust him
he has wisely pointed out the clear evidence
it’s heavily snowing
and chillingly cold in the East Coast.
New York is buried in deep snow.
unless your partner is in high heat
and your bed sheet is about
catch fire.
Otherwise, how do you feel warm?

Therefore, I must clap my hands and feet
and shout aloud:
“bravo to America
for saving trillions of Dollars
and to Donald Trump
Making America
the Number One country in the world.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Y not Food-Exercise at the Y? 

Y not Food-Exercise at the Y?

he is really tired of carrying his fat belly
and torturing himself
to his breathless
boring fitness
equipment at YMCA

he loves eating food
chewing is really a damned good exercise for the jaws .
also according to many researchers
it reduces high anxiety for soldiers
before going
to battle

alas, he don’t find no
the Y,
he asks himself
the hell
don’t the Y sell Chinese chow mein
so he could chow down this oily stuff into his far belly

not food exercise
at the Y?


Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

The Same Dammed New Year Resolution 

The Same Dammed New Year Resolution 

I. In the Livingroom

the whole year round of hard-work without a break
hey, it is the right time
to slow down
sit back

all electronic devices have their time off
the DVD snores aloud in high-pitched beep
the flat screen TV is smiling in a dream durin’ its sound sleep
those remote controls joyfully rest in peace
the sofa is the happiest
as it has the heavy load
its fat belly.

the messy livingroom is abnormally quiet
somehow, the cheerful spirit of New Year has a positive impact
that could force the couch potato of the house
to lift his rusty butts up for the popular
of losing weight


finding an unoccupied spot used to be prettily easy
at the Y parking lot.
any more.

I have witnessed an unusual surge in the traffic volume.
I have to drive around
for a couple of rounds
patiently await;
‘til a vehicle

the first
four days of New Year,
I have met some brand-new faces at YMCA.
they don’t do good at the gym, as they’ve keep trying
to experiment fitness equipment
after another
in a short period then giving up.

after they become aware of the cold fact
deadbeat exercise,
they join the regulars in the swimming pool
for those lazy stuffs
that help
easily sweated
without much effort
in the hot tube, the steam room, or the sauna.

New Year resolution is but viciously shitty mission
easy to make,
yet, difficult to commit,
and nearly impossible to accomplish.

however, it does help provide couch potatoes
with a firsthand experience
and a realistic perception
how difficult it is
to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet
www.papercollage. ca

The Wonders O’ Modern Marriage 

The Wonders O’ Modern Marriage 

a modern Adam looks into his eyes,
holds his hand,
kneels down,
then asks,
would you marry me.
I would be thrilled to spend my entire life with you”.

a modern Eve looks into her eyes;
holds her hand,
kneels down
then asks,
would you marry me.
I would be thrilled to spend my entire life with you”.

it is utterly confused
and very odd to the ears and eyes
who have never witnessed a unique event;
when a man proposes another man
he falls in love with .
or a woman wanna marry another woman
she likes to share her bed for a lifetime.

God must be furiously mad, so are His followers
Adam must marry Eve as husband and wife.
not another Adam as partner,
likewise for Eve.

same sex in love and companionship is religiously a strict forbidden sin
that cannot be committed.
otherwise sinners would be penalized eternally
in a Satan’s

however, like their two first ancestors,
mankind has always defied God’s laws
and also endlessly rebelled
against His holy power.

as a result, same sex marriage has become a social reality
also an increasingly legal fact
the modern era.
creative humans usually enjoy trying new things
for the thirst of being challenged.
it don’t matter
their lives would be better to worse.

like it or not.
neither the Church of Lord
nor the Governing Brother
could regulate what people do in their own beds.
why da hell would they always remain the right
to put their stuffy nose
and sniff
on people’s murkily stained bed-sheet?

practically, same sex marriage
way much better
than the conventional marriage,
it gives endless joy without having biological kids
no duties of raising own children.

in addition, same sex relationship provides
one hundred percent guarantee
no accident
of unwanted pregnancy
therefore, no abortion needed.

it’s the damned good cause
that the Church must be in support of,
any same sex relationship.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

My First Poem of New Year

My Wish to You All in the New Year

Cheer to you all – both my friends and foes
for our good health,
and everything else,
YOU and i are really in need of.

Health is most vital for all beings.
whether it’s related to physical or mental state.
living is but suffering.

don’t work too hard like slaves.
let’s slow down to take good care of our health.
stop trading your priceless treasure
money, etc.
or our craving thirst of becoming celebrities.

Peace on earth for all humans has been our wild dream.
it’s our impossible mission – an everlasting illusion.
however, I’d like to keep it on my wish-list.
simply, I don’t want to lose my hope.
mankind is kind enough to live fully in harmony together.

I think it ain’t possible to change the world.
yet, it’s doable to control ourselves.
certainly, everyone of us
could retain
our inner
I ask myself,
why would I not better keep
my own little universe in its serene nature?
it is up to you to do whatever you’d like about peace.

Love is my most favorite piece,
which I love to add to my wish list
ah, what the heck is love
alas, when we fall in love;
our heart is blind.
our mind is dead,
our lives could be flushed into public toilets

therefore, I love
to fall in love
but to make love,
by climbing to top of a joy mountain
I drop dead
in a stained bed.

I think these are all what I need of
for my entire life.
hey, if you wanna have everything in the world..
even you don’t really need them.
I wish you would have all.
however, I beg you:
don’t abuse,
don’t kill other beings,
most importantly, don’t over-exploit our mother nature.
unless, you don’t mind destroying our only refuge.

anyway, I wish New Year would offer mankind a kinder way of living.
I do believe the age of eighteen must be more mature
than the confused state
of its seventeen.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

The Year 2017 in Review 


The Year 2017 in Review 

I. The Countdown

unlike any terminally ill patient struggling in pain on a Hospice’s bed,
only two days left, before the funeral
to have it officially buried
deep soil
of the forgotten past.
yet, the ailing year still has a lot of energy
to continue running
faster than
a galloping horse
it has left a long trail
of a black shadow behind its back.

for better or worse,
before, we crack open a bottle of Champaign to cheer the new year,
let’s look back to major events
in two thousand seventeen.
to see
and what
it has impacted
on mankind and on the mother earth so far.

II- the Year of the New Emperor

the most powerful empire on earth has crowned its new absolute ruler
who believes he is sent by god
to save
his kingdom
which has been going down
into a toilet bowl and about to be flushed.

in his quest to make his monarchy great again
he has messed things around
and put the world orders

he has gone so aggressively wild ,
whenever someone dares challenge
his absolute
he always tweets like an insane bird;
he fires at those people in his blazing rage
with a full force
they’re his friends or his foes.
it is probably the most interesting event of the year.

III The Year of Nuclear

the year was stained by endless nuclear threats
the heated showdown
between two nu clear madman
who called each other
the degraded epithets:
“Little Rocket Man” and “Dotard”.

even though, the two came from opposite cultural backgrounds
not much difference
between these tyrants
they have acted exactly same
as if they were twin coming out of the same womb.
the two
funky hairdos,
very childish manners in dealing with conflicts
and same bullying nature with shitty statesmanship.
they equally obsess with power and love big show-offs.

both have paid
respect for
diplomacy in politics

people were extremely nervous
about the unstable mental state
the fat butcher’s in the East
and that of the retard provoker’s in the West;
any lost moment
in their uncontrolled anger
either of them could insanely activate the access code
to launch nuclear weapons.
and boom…
the world would come to its end without question.

the nuclear showdown has reminded us
of the American-made horribly burning hell
in Hiroshima
August 6, 1945
66,000 men, women, and children instantly died
69,000 innocent civilians injured
67% of the city was destroyed
in Nagasaki
August 9, 1945
39,000 innocent people killed
25,000 injured
nearly half of this city was collapsed into ash or ruble.

this horrible war crime against Japanese civilians has never been brought to justice
so, the “Little Rocket Man” and “Dotard” don’t care what would happen the rest of the world
as they must know very well about the game of war
the winner can take all including justice into his side.

how lucky mankind has been so far
as it didn’t happen in this year
hopefully, our fear of a nuclear war would ever be materialized
at any time
in the future.

IV The Year of Natural Disasters.

Paris Climate Accord was the best news
the year,
when the going-on-war-ravaged Syria committed
to join one hundred fifty-five other countries
which have already signed on the agreement.
it left the United States of America
outside in the chilly cold
as she prefers to keep her head buried
under deep tar of hot sand
of her own desert

“enough is enough”
being badly abused
so long ,
our mother nature could no longer take it.
in her most desperate efforts,
he hit back as hard as she could
to wreak
havoc to mankind.

she has rained her last warnings
cyclones in Australia,
landslides and drought in Africa,
flooding and monsoons in South Asia,
earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires in North America.

she killed thousands of people.
she also jeopardized the livelihood
of hundred thousands of families’ on different continents

in particular,
she penalized the United States without mercy
Harvey, Irma, Maria
arrived in a row
one after another
and then came the worst wildfire in the California’s history.

hopefully, mother nature’s strong messages
about pollution
be taken more seriously
by those climate-change deniers.

V. The year of Political and Social Uncertainty

the middle and lower classes in the West
have bitterly felt
left behind.

they have been increasingly fed up with the status quo
since, they could no longer
keep up pace
swift change in technology,
also they could no longer tolerate growing gap of inequality.
moreover, they often felt unease
the permanent fear,
the everlasting apprehension,
of an increasingly insecure society
from some horrific acts of terrorism.

mass influx of refugees from war-torn Middle East
was purposely
as a scapegoat
for political and social unrest
high unemployment that created hardship
and decreased the living quality .

they felt they were pushed against the wall;
they has no choice but to act in revolt
the well-established system
which they believed the long-term loyal slave
that has served the rich and the elites.

they lost trust in professional politicians
so they have looked for a substitute.
populists have manipulated very well the political and social downturn
luring promises
of bringing down the system;

they’ve claimed to talk for “the people”,
to work for best interest of the majority
to fight against threats to security by foreign evils
in order to make their country great again.

as a result, populism has been surged as a tsunami
that swept over and changed the political landscape.
especially in the United States of America
the belly button
and the champion of freedom and democracy.

VI. Personal Sundry Notes:

I feel so lucky to be buried in snow and to live in igloos
on the peaceful land
ethnical, racial, cultural, religious and political diversity

I am always amazed at the way
of how my southern neighbors do business
unlike, our American brothers who love shooting with guns
we Canadian prefer showing our middle fingers
shouting to fuck
in a road rage

what I have enjoyed the most during this troublesome year
was the confused drama
faked news
and especially Twitter rampages
from the war of words against mainstream media.

the end of the year two thousand seventeen.
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet