Sundry Notes: Man n’ Nature 

Sundry Notes: Man n’ Nature

wildfires from British Columbia and Washington State
have sent a thick blanket of smoke
all over Vancouver Island.

up high
in the sky
the sun looks dreamlike
as a crimson sphere embedded in a thick layer of mud.

on the ground
bluish, misty smoke hangs over the whole landscape.

the atmosphere is murkily hazy.
the air is chocked.
everything is buried in gray;
as if it were the doomsday of the world.

“Grandpa, I wanna go out play”,
the toddler.
I’ve tried my best to explain
why we have kept him and his brother inside for two days in a row.
yet, he’s too young to comprehend my stupid logic.

I have no choice but to keep my fingers crossed
in the hope
having strong wind
to blow the smoke away
and make those little kids’ days better.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet.

On the Labor Day

On the Labor Day
in hot air,
strong smell of burning meat and loud music
that make me feel the festive mood of the noisy crowd
from the barbecue party next door.
‘tis a special day off for working people
for me
as a retiree;
however, I take this opportunity as an excuse for a break
from my mission impossible of restoring cluttered home and weedy garden.
High up
in the cloudless sky,
the sun is shooting its hot rays onto the ground.
I rest my back on a lawn chair inside the cool shade of a curling willow tree.
I take a beer
and let every sip slowly absorbed through my dried throat.
I’m harvesting the fruit
from the tree planted a long time ago.
Thanks to brothers and sisters of the past
those who sweated and shed their blood
to fight and advocate for the working people
have eight hours for work,
enjoy eight hours for recreation,
and take eight hours for rest.
On this special day off,
cheer to you
all working people
and all retirees who work at home without pay.
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

The Far Left vs. the Far Right.

The Far Left vs. the Far Right.

Communists always blindly stay on the worn path
of Marxism
and Leninism;
for the so-called class struggle.
They’ve misleadingly claimed of aiming at a heaven-on-earth
in this bona fide life
for blue collar workers.

Instead, they’ve created a horrible hell-on-earth
Hundred millions of people died
and massacres
committed by these monsters
Joseph Stalin of Russia’s
Mao Tse-tung of China’s
Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam’s
Pon Pot of Cambodia’s
and currently in North Korea under Kim Jongun.

On the other hand, Christians worship God,
in the hope of having their souls sent to a heaven
their deaths.
somewhere in the unknown.

Particularly, in the United States of America,
the heart of capitalism,
those born-again Christians are the main force
the current rise
of white supremacy.

Those “bigoted” white nationalists of the alt-right
are noisily spreading hatred
other races
and religions.
The hardcore vanguards have tried their best effort
to bring back the good “old days”
in the distant past
for benefits of white supremacy.

Both the alt-left and the alt-right are at two opposite ends
the political
and social spectrum.
Like fire and water or dogs and cats,
They’re fighting tooth and nail to protect their strong beliefs.

Unfortunately, the majority of innocent people
always get caught in between.
no way to escape;
safe place to hide.

Let’s wait and see whether those “bigoted” white nationalists
could bring their highly divided nation
out of this serious mess
their noble goal:
to “Make America Great Again”.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

“In God We Trust”


Money has become the most powerful
all manmade religions;
’cause, it offers a genuine paradise-on-earth
in this “bona fide”
short life;
while all other faiths could only promise a fancy heaven
after death.

that is blindly worshiped
by millionaires and billionaires.
Those money lovers would do anything without exception
to serve their almighty master
this includes
environment destruction…

It’s purely the reason
in the heart of capitalism,
American people officially reinforce their belief in the value of money
on every bill of their currency
the fine print
“In God We Trust”.

As a result,
all US citizens
must trust their truthful billionaire leader
whatever he tweets,
regardless of the real facts.
Otherwise, you betray America – your beloved nation
as you have insanely kept
in fake news
from mainstream media
that have unconditionally supported “’y Clint..on”
any good reason .

It is totally up to you – not anyone else
who would decide
your own
However, please don’t forget
there is always a price to be paid
you wanna take.

The only one question remains for you to answer:
Are you willing to trade love, compassion, friendship, harmony…
even democracy, freedom, human rights, clean environment, etc.
the almighty God
that certainly helps you “Make America Great Again”?

Aug. 2nd, 2017
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Forget Faked News! Let’s Talk about Naked Girls.

It’s a hot day;
The glazing sun drops its burning rays
on a heated beach,
in Florida.

Bright light reflection from aqua blue water afar
travels to the seashore;
blinds those thirsty eyes
dark sunglasses.

“Fool-around” guys of many colors;
black, white, yellow, or so …
but mostly Cubans,
stroll about,
while moving their topless chests and butts
to the noisily rhythmic beats of Latin music.
Their “rolling-stone” eyeballs firmly rest on these fine breasts
(as luscious as carved turkey breasts nicely displayed on plates
to be served
at Thanksgivings dinners).

Irritably girls are sunbathing virtually naked,
attractively sexy,
in tiny pieces of bikinis.
They look as yummy as fresh squids
in direct sunlight,
ready to be dipped into hot sauce.
It tastes spicier than fried calamari in any Greek restaurant.

Oh my..!
God’s forbidden fruits
who of men would resist to commit this irresistible sin?

Whether they’re real for fake
under fine skin and in genuine flesh
or just purely plastic surgery
either way,
nothing men could lose.

Go head
Relaxed and feel good for yourselves
Let’s forget for quite awhile
about your seriously permanent headache
the touchy slogan:
“Make American Great Again”, won’t you?

Aug. 7 1017