Donald Trump – American Dream of Great Escape from Painful Reality to Soothing Illusion. Thanks for leaving your comment

Donald Trump – American Dream of Great Escape
from Painful Reality to Soothing Illusion


you have much pride in your great nation
you believe in your country’s democracy
the torch of freedom and liberty.
you are free
you could say whatever you’d like to
you could go wherever you’ love to

have you ever asked yourselves:
whether your belief
bona fide
or deceptive?

how come YOUR MIND is in permanent terror?
why do you always have feelings
being insecure
being taken over by refugees and immigrants
those who have kept coming to the “originally native owned” land?

why has there been increasingly arising
inside your terrified mind
an urgent need
more walls to self-imprison YOUR BODY?

ain’t it really a nightmare?
you have no gain
for easing your pain
you have no choice but bury your heads deep in desert sand
to avoid of seeing the hurtful reality
that is so distressing
that you could not take it

you have sent endless prayers for help
no response
from your God so far
as usual, HE stay in deep silence
out of your going-on headaches
it was the only reason
why you’ve turned yourselves to another savior

Donald Trump
who rhymes so um…dumps, numbs, bums, crumbs, rumps, humps, pumps;
but also he is really childish, silly, rubbish, foolish, stupid, crazy, insane, ridiculous…

oh, no.
wake up
don’t keep fooling yourselves
otherwise, your supreme leader would burn your bodies a nuclear war
also he’d sell your souls to the Satan
for fulfilling his foul dream
having “America First”
and to “Make America Great Again.”

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


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