Fallen Out of Love Into Marriage (I appreciate your comment. Thanks)

Fallen Out of Love Into Marriage

it’s your craziest mistake,
which takes your freedom away;
so soon as you trade
her short span of sugary love
your long plan of bitter companionship.

ain’t like sour grapes
that would be turned into fine wine,
and the longer you keep it the better the drink would be;

in matrimony,
everything would be turned upside down.
your life would become
gradually decayed
too awful

her priority.
she must be first,
her cat is second….
the list keeps going on…
if lucky, your god could be the last.
and certainly, you are out of her wanted list.

after, you’ve become her slave,
you lose everything.
your heart and your mind are no more yours.
your body is under her full control.
your soul ain’t belong to your god no more
Satan is happy to buy it, instead.

you’re stuck for the rest of your life
under her empire
your kids are hostages
too late to regret.
no point to complain.
not much you can do.

oh man
don’t pray
your god cant’ help
take your pain as is
regardless how dysfunctional your marriage would be

otherwise exit is the only alternative
sinks your hearts
breaks your nerves;
drives you insane;
and flushes you down into a toilet
you would be ended up living with shitty worms .

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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