From Love and Hate 

From Love and Hate 

No point to have any concern about creamy spots
on the WHITE sheet
from any mattress fight.
They’ll be easily washed off

Don’t feel embarrassed about it
as it is the trademark
of joy and happiness
from LOVE
or at least, from SEX that humans need to keep their mind sane.

What must be worried the most
man’s tainted mentality.
When the mind is fully infested
and prejudice.
this type of stain is very difficult to shake off.

HATRED drives man into endless fights against each other
When he is at war
he gets
unbearable sufferings
and endless destruction

For LOVE and compassion, don’t believe in what those men-in-power promise
but carefully watch what they have been doing.;
Lies are like sharp needles hidden in a pocket.
Sooner or later, their pins must be fully exposed
And the truth must be revealed.

to clean a tainted mind
let alone to make it great again
and bring it to its “WHITE” state as promised.

For better or worse; also for love and hate
it’s totally up to you to decide
make LOVE or be at WAR.

Listen to your own selves, not to anyone else

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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