How Could It Be? Who Would Believe It?

How Could It Be? Who Would Believe It?

they did not go to a brothel
to buy
erotic sex 
from prostitutes.
they didn’t gamble in a Casino to spend
the last cent
from the money
for their kids’ food.
they were not in a pub to drink hard liquor;
they could get so drunk
to kill someone in a car accident.
they was not involved in drug trades
so that they would die in a gang-related shooting.

in another word, they were not hardcore people
who risked their lives
Russian roulette.

they were regular innocent people
would not dare
commit a sin
or a misdemeanor.

those believers
and their families
gathered at the House of Lord
for the Sunday’s service
to worship
and pray for their own well-being and safety.

they trusted so much in God’s full protection
to put
their own fates
in His almighty hands.

how could it be?
who would believe it?

they were hunted and shot;
inside their God’s own home;
and in front of his naked eyes.

twenty six deaths in the age range
10 months
to seventy seven years old;
about half of them were children.
twenty others were injured.

it absolutely made
no sense
at all.

by the time
of that horrible crime,
where would the Almighty God be?

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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