I’m a Pope in Freedom of Expression 

I’m a Pope in  Freedom of Expression

my dear friend artist Kenneth Agnello;
you’ve asked me:
i’m in fear
that my words may be censored by…?.
I could hear you loud and very clear.

I am afraid to confirm
I am currently living in
neither North Korea nor China, not Vietnam.
must be totally
the very wrong term in your question.

ah, let me ask you a breathless question:
do think that any adult would zip down his pants
takes his pistol out
and sprays freely in a public place
in a response to an urgent call of nature?
I doubt that anyone would do it,
(unless one is mentally ill.)
Not because of fear
but for social courtesy.

let’s say
I’d enter into your art studio;
sit on your chair;
light a cigar;
and start talking with you
about something that drives you insane.
don’t you think

I don’t do it
because I’m afraid of you kicking me out
but for the good reason that I don’t wanna soil our nice relationship.

you know
I am in Rome now
don’t be surprised
to see me acting like a Pope.
(ha..haa…you aren’t an Italian, eh?
otherwise, you’d know what I mean about the Holy Papa)

Jan. 15-2018
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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