Modern Artist. 

A Modern Artist.

Old Masters in the past created art
either to present the beauty
human body,
their activities
or to express their inner selves.

Modern artists have very different mentality with their own way of creativity.
is no longer
for and about the beauty.
but about provoking imagination.

Artists must be able to transform what in their minds into an ugly creation
or perform an insane stunt
would shock viewers
and push viewers’ sane mind out of the norms of life.

Nowadays, there’re different types of artists
Many may wanna create and market their works for a living,
some create for fame
some do art
for the well-being
of themselves alone.
others may create for something else (who know?).

Anyway, who care about art
but the artist, himself
and maybe those art collectors

If an artist is happy in what he’s doing
toward the goal
he wanna achieve;
then he is truly a taltented artist
the art of living.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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