My Sundry Thought about Daylight Saving Time

My Sundry Thought about Daylight Saving Time

excuse me!
wait for a minute
I wanna clarify 
whether I heard you right
or it was just my wild imagination.

let me have a couple minutes to think
what you’ve jut said.

“daylight saving time?”
I still don’t get it
are you sure you know what you were talking about?
I am afraid
to say
either would you be insane
or would you be kidding me.

how could it be possible for us?
any mortal being
save his living time
which is continuously zipping by like a rocket?

certainly, you can physically set back an hour or so
on your a fancy modern wristwatch,
on your expensively antique grandfather clock,
on any device,
that you use to measure time.
regardless whatever you desperately do, you make no difference for your day.

ain’t it ironic?
modern man always let his life depend too much on
an abstract concept
the so-called
time .

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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