Poet Thao Chuong is the pen name of Canadian collage artist Viet Tran. He wrote Zen poetry and published a number of books in his mother tongue and eight books in English.

Book 1: Lyrical Hearts & Creative Souls" - Arts by 20 artists & Interactive Poetry by Thao Chuong. Please click this link "Lyrical Hearts & Creative Souls" to download a free copy in pdf format.

Book 2: "Art Feeds The Senses" - The Art Of Bob Salo & Poetic Echoes By Thao Chuong
Link to the book: http://www.blurb.ca/b/2666194

Book 3: "Exotic Dreams" - A collection of alluring paintings by Natalie Holland and thought-provoking introspective poems by Thao Chuong

Book 4: "Dreams 'n Shadows" - Neo-expressionism paintings by Noredin Morgan and introspective poems by Thao Chuong about man’s dreams and his own shadows in his fantasy journey from nowhere to limbo.

Book 5: "On The Wings O' Butterflies" -an art and poetry collection from 9 poets/artists around the world. This book was selected/curated/introduced/complied/edited by Viet Tran

Book 6: “Shining Above the Rainbow” offers a selection of 217 stunning artworks from 11 talented contemporary artists of traditional media around the world and 154 interactive poems by thought-provoking poet Thao Chuong (Viet Tran).

Book 7: a collection of art by 14 contemporary digital artists and photographers around the world and poetry by Thao Chuong

Book 8: Wandering Clouds

This collection offers unique poetry written by nine contemporary poets from different cultural background. Those poets let their mind and emotion poetically run freely to infinite horizon like clouds naturally drift in the sky..