Poet Thao Chuong is the pen name of Canadian collage artist Viet Tran. He wrote Zen poetry and published a number of books in his mother tongue and eight books in English.

  • Book 1: “Lyrical Hearts & Creative Souls” – Arts by 20 artists & Interactive Poetry by Thao Chuong..
  • Book 2: “Art Feeds The Senses” – The Art Of Bob Salo & Poetic Echoes By Thao Chuong.
  • Book 3: “Exotic Dreams” – A collection of alluring paintings by Natalie Holland and thought-provoking introspective poems by Thao Chuong.
  • Book 4: “Dreams ‘n Shadows” – Neo-expressionism paintings by Noredin Morgan and introspective poems by Thao Chuong about man’s dreams and his own shadows in his fantasy journey from nowhere to limbo.
  • Book 5: “On The Wings O’ Butterflies” -an art and poetry collection from 9 poets/artists around the world. This book was selected, curated, introduced, complied, and edited by Viet Tran.
  • Book 6: