The Artist’s Creative Moment 

The Artist’s Creative Moment 

he had stumbled on a creative bock for many weeks
the huge canvas
front of him
looked very inviting but still blank
like an untouched

his small art studio was very cluttered;
scattered on the laminate floor
here and there,
colour tubes,
paint brushes,
drawing paper,
unfinished paintings,
other used art supplies.

the messy floor also was littered
different types of trash;
paper coffee cups,
styrofoam fast-food boxes,
empty beer cans and liquor bottles,
squeezed cigarette packs,
extinguished cigarette butts,
and dirty laundry, etc…

the filthy air was clogged with smoke;
he inhaled deeply after each puff
and quickly exhaled to clear his congested lungs.
from time to time, he bent down
to cough
hard and dry,
as if he would have had serious tuberculosis.

all of a sudden, his mind was vacant;
emotion ran wild;
he was in a trance.
unconsciously pulled
an overfilled astray on a stand nearby;
and put out his half-burned cigarette.

he squeezes different colour tubes on a palette,
mixed them by hand;
he started smearing pigments,
while he was spitting his sputum on the blank canvas.

somehow, the abstract painting
from this insanely
has made him a renowned contemporary artist.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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