The First Day Of Autumn. 

The First Day Of Autumn. 

Wind’s rustling tree canopies;
yellow leaves eagerly let go
some fly in breezing air
dropping down
over a toddler’s head.
He looks up, then runs after a leaf,
trying to catch it.

Sun shines on morning dews
wet grass needles looks
like a sea
millions of
sparkling tiny diamonds.

An old man leisurely walks barefoot
wet ground.
he could feel each step
the softness an dampness of the green carpet
into his feet
and refreshing his entire body.

The toddler excitedly jiggles
and shouts: “I got it”,
“well done”, the old man laughs aloud.

Both enjoy their best moment
on the first day

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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