The Mass-Murder but Not an Act of Terrorism

The Mass-Murder but Not an Act of Terrorism

On Sunday morning, the fifth of November, two thousand seventeen;
five days 
after the Halloween;
all chaos were over.
everything was back to its normal rhythm;
as all the dead had already gone back to their own graves.
not much left for him;
to do
Satan was happily taking a nap.

All of a sudden, his cell phone was ringing;
he was very upset at news of the shooting,
because, it created a serious headache for him.
his hell had already been
fully sardine-packed;
room left
for another sinner’s soul.

Furthermore, the shooter was a mass murderer,
and politically
classified as a terrorist;
simply because, he was an American citizen made-in-USA.

To collect
this person’s soul
Satan must respect the basic legal requirement
“the shooter must be considered
legally proven
guilty in an USA’s court of laws”.

Satan knew his soul collection would be much easier,
this senseless,
coward mass-shooting were done
by an American citizen
who was born
in USA,
had a Muslim culture
or a Muslim religious background .

Thao chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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