True Love Has No Sex

True Love Has No Sex

She is very attractive,
Her eyes are in deep blue
as the color of a mystic sky 
one of van Gogh’s paintings.

Her gentle nature makes her
a perfect female
the best dream
every man.
He feels very relaxed in his trouble-free time with her.

Unlike his former relationship with other females,
he falls in love with her
from his heart
without any sexual desire attached.

He enjoys putting her on his lap,
running his fingers through her hair
to sense the softness on her neck
listening to her moan
of purring in orgasm…

After going through hell from different failed relationships,
he has totally lost trust in women
in general.
he can only rely on her
he has never considered her as a pet
but a trustworthy companion for the rest of his life

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Tran

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