Unknown Fates of Dreamers

Unknown Fates of Dreamers
all of babies have been arriving by themselves
at everywhere,
on this earth,
without passports nor visas.
we assume they must be sent
either god at his will with full attention
or by accidents when their parents reach orgasm and lose birth control.
regardless of how they’ve been ended up here
no way to stop them from coming in
in this world
could deport them
back where they came from.
they automatically become legal citizens of the god’s paradise
without being asked from where they came.
a sad story faced by seven hundred thousand immigrants
those who were sent to this vast land
(originally owned by the natives)
since they were little kids
their own parents.
unfortunately, their resident status is in big question
their lives have been hung on a thin string
they are in great danger of being deported back
to their place of origin
they have no knowledge of, and zero attachment to,
they don’t speak the language.
they know nothing about the culture.
they would feel as aliens to Mars;
and last but not least, their wives and kids are here
this nation ain’t their country of birth
but the soil of grace
they were planted, fully rooted, and fully grown
could it be possible to pull them up
replant on the other land
without killing them off to their roots?
do whatever you want with your wearisome nation
America First
and Make America Great Again
but leave them alone
stop barking at the wrong tree
don’t put more problems on your full plate
it’s time to ask yourselves these damned questions:
“where am I from?”
“who send me here?”
“how do I feel of being deported back?”
silly me
how could I not know
no point to talk to you
those ultras-right wing extremists in USA’s modern politics
who are brainless for thought and heartless for love
Jan. 15, 18
Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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    1. Thanks you very much for your comment. It is very nice to her that you have thought of writing blog. It is a good idea as writing is a way to release stress. Good luck. Cheers.

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