White Settlers, Newcomers, and the Indigenous 

White Settlers, Newcomers, and the Indigenous 

various indigeneus tribes had roamed freely
with wild animals and all other beings
this vast land
of North America.
it was so pristine and serene.
the natives subsisted in harmony with nature.
they had lived with a non-resistant way
like a willow tree effortlessly does
in the strong
everything had gone well
until the alien’s mass arrival from the West.

the White settlers came in full of boatloads
they invaded and occupied the land
they burnt tent villages
the raped women
they killed men
they rounded up elders and the rest
into those so-called Indian reserves
they took away kids and put them to Christian schools
for full Western’s culture assimilation.

nowadays, nobody could dare dispute the fact
aboriginal people were here first
so much longer
than ancestors
of anybody

however, it doesn’t mean much
newcomers –
their skin colors: Black, White, Yellow, or Brown
or their cultural backgrounds: Polish, Latinos, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, etc.
have always argued that they have had nothing to do with it.
it was the matter of the far past.
whether it was right or wrong;
nothing could be changed.
no one could amend it.

guilt left
for the current inhabitants in North America
alas, indigenous people have continued their horrible plight;
they have been racially discriminated
on their own homeland
the so-called First Nations.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

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